Vapor Barrier Removal Lincoln City

Vapor Barrier Removal

Vapor Barrier Lincoln CityThe purpose of a vapor barrier is to keep moisture, dust, soil, and contaminants away from your home’s foundation. When they are torn, dislodged, or damaged, they can do as much harm as good. If you have a damaged vapor barrier, call the professionals at The Killers Crawl Space Restoration for vapor barrier removal in Lincoln City.

A damaged vapor barrier allows moisture into your crawl space and holds it there. This has the opposite affect from what is intended. When moisture is trapped under your home, mold and mildew can quickly set in. Moisture also attracts specific types of insects that damage wood and the foundation of your home.

Vapor barrier damage often occurs due to rodent and insect activity. They tear holes in the vapor barrier, making it lose its functionality. Wind and even the movement or settling of the ground can dislodge a vapor barrier. Older homes may also be dealing with decay due to age. Whatever they cause for the damage, it is important to call for vapor barrier removal before damage to the foundation of your home or business occurs.

Vapor Barrier Services

We have been offering vapor barrier replacement in Lincoln City and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. We understand the balance of ventilation, insulation, and moisture control that is necessary to keep a crawl space in good shape. We handle your vapor barrier removal and assess any damage or needs under your home.

Some of the services we are able to provide include:

Vapor Barrier Removal Lincoln City

Each part of the crawl space adds or detracts to the health of the area. When mold and mildew are allowed to thrive they can make their way into the air flow inside of a home or business. This poses a serious health hazard to residents and their pets. Our vapor barrier removal professionals are able to expertly remove a dysfunctional vapor barrier while ensuring mold spores and contaminates are contained and not spread.

When people try to do this work on their own, it can be dangerous for the individuals as well as the home. Not only are mold spores dangerous and need to be handled with the right equipment and training, rodent and insect droppings also carry dangerous bacteria and powerful allergens. Without the right protective measures these hazards can get kicked up into the vents of your home. That is why it is best to trust the professionals for your vapor barrier removal in Lincoln City.

We offer up-front pricing, craftsmanship you can rely on, and an evaluation of your crawl space.

Contact us today to for your vapor barrier removal in Lincoln City.

We are proud to serve Lincoln City, Oregon and other areas of the Oregon Coast. Call for vapor barrier removal in Lincoln City.

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