Vapor Barrier Removal Albany OR

Vapor Barrier Removal

Vapor Barrier Removal Albany OR

A vapor barrier is an integral part of a healthy crawl space. However, when they get torn they stop working. A dysfunctional vapor barrier does more harm than good and should be removed. The Killers Crawl Space Restoration offers professional vapor barrier removal in Albany, OR and the surrounding areas. We handle the vapor barrier removal as well as cleaning and the installation of a replacement barrier.

The purpose of a vapor barrier is to keep moisture from the ground away from the foundation of your home. When a crawl space becomes too saturated with water the wood and other building materials can swell and warp. Mold and mildew often set in as well. The harm that is caused by these types of destructive elements can be costly. The damage can even extend to the inside of your home. This poses both a threat to building materials as well as to the indoor air quality.

Vapor Barrier Removal Albany Trusts

Your crawl space is a delicate system. It requires a specific amount of ventilation and insulation. The vapor barrier plays an important role in keeping that balance. Over time, even simple age can deteriorate a vapor barrier. Other destructive elements to your vapor barrier include insects, rodents, flooding, and even strong winds. When holes and tears appear, they allow moisture in and the defective barrier traps it inside the crawl space.

Getting an annual inspection of your crawl space is the best way to ensure your vapor barrier is in good shape and your crawl space is well-ventilated. Our professionals have the expertise to thoroughly inspect the area, measure the ventilation, inspect for mold, and identify insect and rodent activity. We offer full-service crawl space repair, including vapor barrier removal.

Having been in this business since 1991, we have decades of experience handling vapor barrier removal and crawl space restoration. It is important that this work be done by qualified professionals. Mold as well as insect and rodent droppings pose a serious health threat when not handled with care. Even worse, mold and bacteria can be spread into the home’s airways. Our professionals have the equipment and training to ensure the vapor barrier removal is done safely and responsibly. That is why Albany has trusted us as the go-to name for this service for so many years.

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Vapor Barrier Removal Albany Oregon

Don’t risk leaving your vapor barrier removal to someone who does not have the proper training, experience, and equipment. We offer affordable, upfront pricing and years-worth of referrals from happy customers. To us, customer service really means something!

Contact us today for your vapor barrier removal in Albany, OR and the surrounding areas.

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