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December 13, 2013
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January 9, 2014
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Important Crawl Space Restoration Tips

You have probably had a plumber or electrician ask you where the crawl space in your home is. This is a shallow space that is between the first floor and the soil. Usually, the space is used for maintaining and repairing not only your electrical but also plumbing and heating systems. It is important to note that you can only access the space from outside the home. Because of their location crawl spaces have poor ventilation. They also suffer from water control issues. As a result, they are attacked by termites, mold and fungus. If your crawl space has been affected by any of these, there are a number of things you can do to restore it.

The first and most important crawl space restoration tip is to always keep the area dry. Check and ensure that water especially drain water does not collect in the foundation of your home. The walls of the foundation are likely to absorb the moisture. This moisture will not only result in the growth of mold by will also weaken the foundation. Make sure that there is no blockage in your gutters due to debris as it causes water to overflow and collect at the foundation.

Another crawl space restoration tip is to install what is known as a vapor barrier. This is essentially a plastic barrier that prevents water and moisture from sipping from the soil and into the foundation timber in your home. The barriers are available online and also in home improvement stores.

The third tip is to close ventilation systems on the walls of the crawl space as they allow moisture to enter. Moisture in the crawl space leads to the growth of mold. By now you should know that mold cause respiratory diseases. If the space has to be ventilated, it has to be controlled.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider restoring your crawl space. First and foremost, you will be able to maintain a constant temperature in the space which will greatly reduce your overall energy costs. Another advantage is that it will prevent fungus, rot and mold from forming on the foundation wood. Accordingly, you will be able to preserve the structure and framework of your home.

You can attempt to restore the crawl space yourself. However, your mind will be more at peace knowing the project is being handled by a professional. One of the biggest advantages of hiring professional is that they will finish the job in the shortest time possible. When looking for a crawl space restoration expert, consider the experience. Ideally, you should hire someone who has been doing crawl space restoration for a number of years. Since price is big factor when hiring, it is necessary to ask for quotes from three or four professionals. Comparing the estimates will help you choose one that is line with your budget.

To preserve the foundation and structure of your home, maintaining the crawl space is necessary. If the space has already been affected by mold, you should consider restoration. For your peace or mind and for the job to be completed consider hiring an expert.

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