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December 2, 2013
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How to Deter the Two Most Common Crawl Space Problems

The crawl space underneath the home is often overlooked and that makes it prone to certain problems that inevitably affect the whole house later on. The fact that the crawl space is inhabitable as a living space is probably the reason why this area can go for months without ever being accessed, checked and cleaned. As a consequence of neglect, the crawl spaces tend to suffer from a number of problems that range in graveness from simple nuisances to stern and costly damages. Among all the problems that affect the crawl space, there are two very common issues that are unsurprisingly as easy to prevent as they are easy to come about.


Mold growth is probably the most common crawl space problem that’s also encountered everywhere in the world. The presence of mold can cause an array of health related problems as well as cause physical damage such as rot on the material on which it grows. There are thousands of mold species and all have distinct lifestyles in the way they grow, where they grow, their colors, their effects and so on. However there is one thing that the entire mold species have in common which is the key in their prevention, and that is the fact that they all need moisture to grow and thrive. Without moisture, no mold can grow anywhere. Therefore, if moisture can be prevented from entering or collecting in the crawl space, then mold growth will never take root. So how is moisture prevented from getting into the crawl space? Well moisture that causes havoc in the crawl space usually comes from water vapor, and therefore ensuring that a vapor barrier is installed properly takes care of that. Also regular checking of crawl spaces will also determine when and where to make a vapor barrier replacement, and hence ensure no mold ever gets the chance to grow.

Insect and Vermin

The second most common crawl space problem is that of the unwanted visitors and home invaders known as pests. Insects and vermin can find a home in the crawl spaces if provided with the right conditions to do so. Any living organism needs food and shelter to survive and multiply. The crawl space already provides shelter and so what remains for the pests to thrive is only food. That fact about food provides the basis for insect and vermin prevention inside the crawl space. By preventing insects and vermin from thriving here, a myriad of other problems that result from pests such as disease and structural damage are also prevented. Insects and vermin exist together in an ecological chain where the vermin feeds on the insects among other things, while the insects feed on organic matter such as plants, bacterial, mold, fungus, dirt, other insects and so on. Thus if the growth of mold for instance is checked and the crawl space insulated against moisture that can aid in the growth of other organic matter, then there will be no food for the insects and consequently now food for vermin.

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