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October 4, 2013
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December 2, 2013
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Getting to Know Crawl Space Restoration and Repair Products

There are many crawl space restoration and repair products out there that every home owner needs to know about. Various issues affect crawl spaces and require attention from time to time to avert problems. The benefits of having clean and properly functioning crawl spaces are many. The crawl spaces are responsible for the structural integrity of buildings and the quality of air inside among other things. Since air is the most crucial element in any living space, it goes to show that the state of a crawl space really determines how other aspects of the living spaces will be. Crawl spaces get dirty from time to time, but can also be affected by other things such as moisture retention, mold growth, rot, pest infestation, structural damages and other related issues. Many products for both prevention and remedial procedures are however easily available for the home owners to make use of in simple DIY crawl space maintenance or hire people to do that.


Dehumidifies remove the humidity that tends to collect inside the crawl spaces. This humidity usually comes from the wet air outside. Humidity in the crawl space leads to a heap of problems that include mold growth and rot, rust and corrosion of nails and other metals, allergens and bad musky odors. A humidifier place inside the crawl space is one of the products that take care of craw space wetness effectively.

Vapor Barriers

Crawl spaces usually sit on the open soil where moisture from the ground finds its way into the space. Vapor barriers have been shown to provide perfect insulation for that, while also maintain a really clean crawl space. They are placed on the ground, covering all of it in a water tight membrane.

Vent Covers

Vent covers come in many shapes, sizes and designs to suit everyone. The vents in crawl spaces tend to allow the infiltration of moisture inside the crawl spaces. They often need to be sealed up when it becomes obvious they are doing more harm than good. Vent covers are ideal for this task and when placed right, form airtight seals. Vent covers are easy to fit and maintain.

Floor Jacks

When the crawl space has been severely affected by moisture, mold and other ailments, the floor tends to fail and start sagging. The age of the structure can also cause this. Floor jacks are great in crawl space restoration exercises. They are mechanical jacks that are placed inside the crawl space to provide additional support to the floor above in those points that are having problems.

Flood Detectors and Drainers

Floods in the crawl spaces can occur due to a number of reasons such as poor drainage of rain water, leaking pipes, heavy storms and so on. Floods in crawl spaces can go unnoticed for a long time since the crawl spaces are not areas frequented by people. Flood detectors are smart gadgets that sound the alarm whenever flooding occurs, enabling the home owner take action and prevent disastrous problems associated with dampness.

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