Raccoon Crawl Space Damage Repair Portland

Raccoon Crawl Space Damage Repair Portland

Raccoon Crawl Space Damage Repair PortlandCrawl spaces are a nice warm, dry nesting place for critters to make a home. While it may not seem like too much of an inconvenience for raccoons to make a home beneath a house, they can actually create large amounts of damage, odor, and bacteria. When you call The Killers Crawl Space Restoration we will safely remove  raccoons and handle all the raccoon crawl space damage repair in Portland and surrounding areas.

Portland Raccoon Crawl Space Damage

One way raccoons pose a threat to crawl spaces is by tearing up insulation. They gather the insulation into piles, making it evenly spread out and less effective. Raccoons chew on ducts and pull away areas where insulation has been tacked down. Again, this creates drafts and exposes areas under a home where insulation is not able to do its job.

In addition to ruining the insulation, raccoons can chew up wiring under and into a home. This produces a fire hazard as well as costly damage when wiring ceases to work. Chewing can also go into the foundation of a home and damage anything wood or plastic.

Raccoons urinate and leave droppings in a crawl space. The urine seeps into the insulation and the surrounding area. Urine and droppings eventually create an unpleasant odor. As the temperature heats up in the summer months the smell becomes more pronounced. In some cases a raccoon will die and decompose inside a crawl space in Portland, also creating a terrible smell as well as a health threat.

If raccoons continue to stay in a crawl space, bacteria, fleas, mites and the like can begin to make it into a house. Especially in cases where holes are being chewed under the home, access into the home increases. Not only does this create a health threat to people in the house, it is also unhealthy for pets. In addition, raccoons pose a threat to pets due to their aggressive nature.

Raccoon Crawl Space Repair in Portland

When you call The Killers Crawl Space Restoration to evaluate raccoon crawl space damage, you will get full service, one-stop raccoon removal and raccoon crawl space damage restoration. Having experience in raccoon removal since 1991, The Killers Crawl Space Restoration knows how to do the job right.

Once the raccoon has been removed we gauge the extent of the damage. All soiled and damaged insulation is removed. The crawl space is thoroughly cleaned and brought back up to a hygienic level. From there, any damaged wiring, foundation, and duct work is repaired. New, clean insulation is installed and the crawl space is restored to its original state.

Before we leave, our technicians will install measures to keep future raccoons and other rodents from entering the crawl space. Our experience and expertise doing crawl space repair in Portland and the surrounding area has made us well aware of which types of critters we need to guard against. We put our experience to work for you in safeguarding your home or office from any future crawl space invasions.

Call today to schedule an inspection of your crawl space. If you already know you have a raccoon in your Portland crawl space it is imperative that you call right away. Do not wait until more damage is done or odors and bacteria begin to permeate your home. Call The Killers Crawl Space Restoration for raccoon removal and raccoon crawl space repair in Portland.

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